Re: Aisleriot, Klondike menu and other ideas

El vie, 14-10-2005 a las 00:45 -0500, Richard Hoelscher escribió:
> One of the nice things is the bottom of the category list shows: "Easy
> Games", "Luck Games", "Skill Games", as well as "Not Played" and "Not
> Won".
Woh! It looks really comprehensive!

Notwithstanding, Rentoy is  an easy, luck and skill game ;). IMHO, that
classification is a little relative.

Is there an easy way to document an external game in online help for
aisle-riot? or should i need to rebuild gnome-games completely, in order
to attach this from an hypothetical 'rentoy.xml'?

> That's the first screen after start-up, and it's hidden when you start a
> game. When you close the game window, the explorer window reappears.

I think the current interface is more confortable.

> For what it's worth, there's also a "Solitaire Wizard", which guides you
> through 5 pages to design your own game based on Klondike, Forty Thieves,
> Spider, or Fan. Who knows, one day, some insane fellow out there might try
> making a wizard that generates scheme for custom aisleriot games... Not
> me, though. :)

I'll implement some AI generic algorithm that could be reused in more
general situations.
It can be fitted to challenging game's simulations with aisle-riot.

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