Re: SVG for Gnome Card Games

I'm not sure if you're the right person to ask, but you're name is at
the top of the list in the credits window for AisleRiot  :-)

I was wondering if there are any plans on the table (no pun intended) to
use SVG for rending the cards in the various Gnome card

Inspired by a shot of what Microsoft is doing with their card-games
with XAML
(, I
would love to see the quality available with SVG+Cairo in our Gnome
card games.

I would be able to volunteer to get the SVG card artwork (either
through creating it myself, or soliciting help from others - hopefully
both) if there is any hope that such artwork might be able to be used.
Hey, we have svg cards in gnome games since a while.
My own card has been included in the gnome-games extra but I'm working on a new lighter version of it which is, IMHO, by far more beautiful than the MS one. It's not yet finish but you can have a look at the old one here : And a preview of the new one (a few bugs and the back to import but I'm hard at work these days, so it's gonna be finished in June) : The new design is better for computer screens and lighter (from 4.4 Mb to 900Kb)


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