my J2ME clone of Gnome Lines

I wrote my little clone of your game Gnome Lines for Java mobile phones (CLDC1.0 and MIDP1.0). I used graphics from your game, hope it doesn't bother u. It is free for anyone to download. Also source code is available for anyone interested.

Btw, if anyone knows a page dedicated to free mobile games, let me know.



JPEG image

MIDlet-1: Five or More,/icon.png,jlines.JLines
MIDlet-Icon: icon/icon.png
MIDlet-Jar-Size: 43256
MIDlet-Jar-URL: jlines.jar
MIDlet-Name: Five or More
MIDlet-Vendor: Theta
MIDlet-Version: 1.1
MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0
MicroEdition-Profile: MIDP-1.0

Attachment: jlines.jar
Description: application/java-archive

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