gnome-games 2.7.5

Be warned that the networking code is very poorly tested. Aside from
that, enjoy. You can find it at the usual place:

 - Callum

gnome-games 2.7.5

This is the last release before the feature freeze, therefore it is
full of new features. Klotski has been put back into the
distribution. The network code for iagno has been factored out and
there is a new connection dialog. The game server for iagno is now
available for local use, it can be found in the libgames-support
directory. Finally, gnometris has sounds !

All card games:
 - Hybrid SVG/PNG replacement theme for Dondorf. (Richard Hoelscher)

 - SVG chip and slot images.
 - Drag and drop support for solid-color backgrounds (callum)
 - Sound effects ! (callum, Richard Hoelscher)
 - Configurable keyboard controls (Paolo Borelli)

 - Factored out the network code (Andreas Rosdal)
 - New network dialog (Andreas Rosdal)

 - It's back !

 - Use the new keyboard control widget (callum)

 - The sound files have been removed due to being too close to (and
   possibly recorded from) the C64 Boulder Dash game. Besides the theme 
   tune really annoyed me (callum)

 - New, SVG, die graphics (Ryan Stutsman)

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