gnome-games 2.7.4

Lots of new stuff this time around. There are now new ways to play
both Aisleriot and Robots. Also, I've removed the shuffle button in
Mahjongg, you can currently only shuffle if you run out of
moves. There is a bug here, you can get in a situation where you can't
actually shuffle and are basically forced to undo. I'm working on a

Find it at:

 - Callum


 - Implement Click-to-move (callum)
 - Reorganise menus (callum)
 - Context sensitive mouse cursor (Paulo Borelli, callum)
 - Hint support for Freecell (Matthew V. Ball)
 - make more use of GamesFileList to remove unportable code.

 - Replace deprecated widgets (Jon McCann)

 - New help file (Angela Boyle)
 - Separate out the C and C++ compiler flags (callum)

 - GCC 3.5 compiler fixes.

 - Revised postmodern theme, it is now the default (Richard Hoelscher)
 - Fix shuffle bugs (callum)
 - Changing the map now gives you the option to start again (callum)
 - Remove the shuffle button (callum)

 - Touch up the face graphics to be properly alpha-blended (callum)
 - Draw the "wrong flag" cross in a scalable manner (callum)

 - Implement mouse control (callum)
 - Add a toolbar and move menu to supplement mouse control (callum)

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