Re: Gataxx

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 04:19:48PM +1030, MattyT wrote:
> I know you said this in jest, but I would hope that "making gnome-games
> redundant" might be a call for people to make new games to put into it
> so there's a bit more variety than just a lot of board and card games. 
> This might include games such as Dominoes, Backgammon, Scrabble,
> Battleship, more miscellaneous dice games, and so on.
Just wanted to mention that gtkboard is generic enough to support
most of these.
> In fact, I don't see why gnome-games couldn't have a *LOT* of games in
> the long term without tremendous disk space usage, 
Fully agree.
> given a lot of the
> space seems to be sounds and images which should be able to be reused a
Reuse of sounds also leads to a better user experience. I mean, if all
games used the same sound to indicate "illegal move", for example, then
when the user plays a new game they can immediately associate the sound
with the event. Same for other events like "you won", "you lost" etc.
> lot.  Clearly no one would want the menu size bloated either, but I
> think you can have a program for each family of games without too big a
> menu.
> This having been said, it might be a good idea before doing all this to
> think about how these mega-programs should present their UI for game
> selection, and whether AisleRiot or GtkBoard has the best solution. 
> Presumably the UI should be consistent across them.
AisleRiot uses a separate dialog rather than a menu. Gtkboard uses a 2
level menu hierarchy along plus a list of "recent" games. An alternative
would be for the user to see views of the game list by selecting various

Its all GNU to me

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