Re: Gnex 0.5.0

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From: "Darren Vincent Hart" <dvhart byu edu>
To: <games-list gnome org>
Cc: <callum physics otago ac nz>
Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2003 10:24 PM
Subject: Gnex 0.5.0

> Callum,
> I have implemented the dynamic window resizing with gconf support in
> G'Nex.  Please have a look and let me know if this is more like what you
> had in mind.  Note that the only AI setting currently implemented is
> "Braindead" and the others will default to that.  If you are happy with
> the preferences, resizing, etc. the other AI settings will be relatively
> simple to add.
> (you can get it out of CVS or just download version 0.5.0 as it is
> current as of today)
> Regards,
> Darren

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