Re: Solitaire for gnome?

> Of course the correct solution here is to localize the name so when using en 
> the label is "solitaire" and when using en_gb the label is "patience". :) 
> This is probably useful for other languages too. 
It already is (from en_GB.po) :

#: aisleriot/
msgid "Card-based solitaire suite"
msgstr "Card-based patience suite"
The catch is that I use en_NZ which should ideally fall back to en_GB
rather than en_US. This is all a i18n problem and not really worth
discussing here. I wasn't being particularly serious in the first place.

For the record, I'm not a great fan of generic names, but I don't like
"GNOME this" and "gthat" style names either. The current naming scheme
fits both GNOME policy and my prejudices so it's just fine by me :).

 - Callum

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