gnome-games 2.5.0

Available now, the gnome procrastination assistance package. As usual
you can find it at:

The release notes follow, please note the requirement of a recent GTK+,
intltool and gettext.

 - Callum

gnome-games "Credibility Problem" 2.5.0
So here it is, the first release of the new unstable series of
gnome-games and quite frankly I think I've done an excellent job of
trying to make it unstable.
There are of course numerous bug fixes, most of which are also in the
2.4.1 release. Updated translations too (athough I changed
several strings at the last minute). But these aren't the things
you're after, what you want is new features.
First some warnings. You will need the following software:
gettext 0.12 and intltool 0.27.2.
GTK+ 2.3 (when it is released in a few days time) or GTK+ from CVS.
So, what is new ?
i18n: The .gmo files are no longer distributed in the tarball, you
have to generate them yourself.
installation: Building gnome-games outside the source tree should now
gnotravex: Rather than using an "x" for a multiplication symbol we now
use real multiplication symbols.
aisleriot: The hint function for Odessa is now consistent with the
strategy suggested in the documentation. The win condition for spider
has been altered slightly: you now have to move the completed
sequences to the foundation.
mahjongg: Two thirds of this program has been rewritten. The game
generation code is quicker and doesn't generate occasional
warnings. The drawing code is now over five times faster and is
rescalable. Resizing the window is now supported. The tile sets are
now monolithic, you don't select foregrounds and backgrounds
separately anymore. Only the default tileset has been converted to the
new format so far. SVG is also supported and there is an example
tileset, but it is half-complete and unusable.
gnomine: There is now a hint function, an idea of Juhani Heino's. The
hint will clear one, hopefully useful, square at the cost of a ten
second penalty. The drawing code has been altered to make more use of
the gtk theme. This should improve the contrast between open and
closed cells even in pathological themes.
Thats about it, aside from Steven Chaplin's usual round of memory
leak fixes and one or two strange bugs which I *think* I've fixed.

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