Re: Libboardgame

> Hello,
> I have almost finished isolating the GUI part of gataxx and iagno from
> the functionality part. It is probably a good idea to make this a
> library (libboardgame). I have rewritten almost all functions, because
> it was really a mess. This is how it works:
> I still have some questions about this:
> - What should be done with "Quick moves"? Should this be on the player
> or on the appearance tab? Should this be a checkbox, or should there be
> radio buttons (slow, medium, fast) or should this be a integer inputbox
> where the speed can be put in?

I like scroll bars ;)
But from an implementation standpoint, a simple box with milliseconds to delay would work well.

> - Should stagger flips be supported? It is hard to implement, because no
> information can be stored on which pieces to move in which order.

I haven't examined your callback structure. From the possibilities I can imagine, I don't think it is too hard for the underlying application to be required to give an ordering. gattaxx might set everything as block 0. giano might set all neighbors as block 0, all neighbor's neighbors as block 1, etc...

> - Am I on the right track with this library?

From what you say, it sounds like a good idea. How general do you want to make it? Support for go and pente should be fairly simple. They remove pieces instead of flip. They also tend to place pieces on the intersections of the grid rather than between them. Something like abalone would be a lot tougher (hexagonal board, hexagonal squares, requires pushing of pieces...)


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