Re: High scores don't work

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 06:59, Jason Fletcher wrote:
> I feel like a newbie having to ask for help on this, but I can't get the high scores to work with gnome-games-2.4.0, and haven't been able to do it since gnome-games-2.2.x.
> My symptom is that the "Scores..." selection on the menu is greyed out.  I've got setgid binaries enabled, all gnome-games binaries with root:games permissions, and /var/lib/games and everything in it is owned by the games group.

The most likely reason is that gnome-games and libgnome are looking in
different places. gnome-games sets up the score files but any actual
processing of them is done by libgnome (this will be changed at some
point). Check that they were both compiled with the same prefix,
gnome-games 2.4.x should issues a warning at the end of ./configure if
they aren't.

> Something else that's going wrong is AisleRiot isn't working.  I tried running it from the command line and got a GTK+ error complaining about setuid/setgid.

Aisleriot is setgid when it shouldn't be. Remove the setgid bit. I had
thought I'd fixed that bug in the isntallation code (although it may be
the result of an over-write installation in your case).

 - Callum

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