High scores don't work

I feel like a newbie having to ask for help on this, but I can't get the high scores to work with gnome-games-2.4.0, and haven't been able to do it since gnome-games-2.2.x.

My symptom is that the "Scores..." selection on the menu is greyed out.  I've got setgid binaries enabled, all gnome-games binaries with root:games permissions, and /var/lib/games and everything in it is owned by the games group.

Something else that's going wrong is AisleRiot isn't working.  I tried running it from the command line and got a GTK+ error complaining about setuid/setgid.

I've been building GNOME on my own for some time, so I'm not relying on any distro and may have packages missing.

Please CC: me on any replies.

Thanks for the help!

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