2.5 is now ready to play

I have just branched off the current 2.4 stuff in CVS. This means that 2,5
is open for business.

CVS HEAD (the default branch) is now the new 2.5 development branch and
the 2.3/2.4 work is now in the branch gnome-2-4. To access it use a
command like:

cvs checkout -r gnome-2-4 gnome-games

2.4 was all about stabilising the code and so there was not a lot of
really new stuff (ignoring a complete new game :). Now that the games are
looking more like modern GNOME apps (e.g. HIG compliant) we can start
doing new and interesting stuff.

My overall goals for 2.5 are:
 - A replacement for the awkward setgid system for keeping track of
 - Scalability of the game graphics so that the game can be resized
   to suit the player, for examples of this see gnomine and gnotravex.
 - Networking. Iagno already does it, there are several other games 
   with two-player options that are just begging to be networked.
Also some code really needs some attention, for example I am in the middle
of rewriting the mahjongg board generator.

Other ideas (and code) are of course welcome.

There are a few rules I ask people to follow, most of these are the same
as for 2.3:
- Run any 2.4 changes past me first before commiting. Since 2.3 is in
  feature, ui and string freeze there shouldn't be anything aside from bug
- Don't add any new games without discussing it on this list first. 
- Avoid adding new graphics where possible, we have managed to save well
  over a meg on the tarball size during 2.3 so there is some room to break
  this rule, however gnome-games is still a large package. Accessibility
  themes, nicer graphics formats (e.g. SVG for scalable stuff) and more
  efficient versions of existing graphics are good excuses to  break this

 - Callum

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