Re: Tetris + Chess in GNOME

> Will there be a Tetris game application included in GNOME Fifth Toe soon?
> I think it's such a popular game, that it would be almost required to have by default, along with Solitaire etc.
> Is there any existing application that could be adopted? Or is anyone considering writing one?
There is a tetris-style games in gnome-games (gnometris), however some
distributions choose not to package it due to concerns over the Tetris
name (which is I believe a trademark) and claims over "intellectual
property" with respect to the game itself. Note that our implementation is
not an exact clone, but is still hopelessly addictive.

There is also a game called gtetrinet, that I haven't tried myself, that
I believe will be appearing in fifth-toe 2.4. It is actually an interface
to a network-base multiplayer version.

> I also wonder if there will be a chess player included, using the same
> argument as above. 
A chess front-end, or prefereably an entire game, is on the list of things
that might be implemented for the future in gnome-games. Unfortunately
there are a very large number of cool games we could include in
gnome-games and we only have a finite number of monkeys to do it. On the
other hand a "gnome-xboard" (or a revival of gnome-chess) shouldn't be
that hard for someone to try.

 - Callum

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