Gnome-games 2.3.6

Gnome-games 2.3.6 is now available at the usual location (and mirrors):

It isn't mentioned properly in the release notes, but between pixmap
sharing and documentation graphics with better compression this
release is a whopping 1.5 meg smaller than 2.3.5.

The usual release notes follow,

 - Callum

gnome-games "It's For Your Own Good" 2.3.6

This release is in theory a good facsimile of what 2.4.0 will look
like. The most obvious change will be that the documentation is now
mostly up-to-date. 

All games should now have state-sensitive undo and redo buttons as
well as full keyboard navigation for the preferences.

The bug count is now about a third of what it was at the start of the
2.3 series. Since there is no recent 2.2.x release of gnome-games this
can be considered a substitute, it compiles under the GNOME 2.2
environment without problems.

Changes by game:

 - These games now share pixmaps. This saves about 700k.

  - Several dead options have been removed (or hidden as gconf keys).
  - Undo doesn't corrupt the display.

  - Resizing code now works a bit better.

 - If you play spider then there is a subtle change: to finish the
   game you have to move the completed piles up to the
   foundation. This is now consistent with other games.

 - The joystick dialog actually works now, although since I don't have
   a joystick I have no idea if any of the joystick code actually works.

 - The animation code actually does the right thing now. This is only
   noticeable if using "partial" animation.

 - It compiles with gcc 2.96 again.
 - We now don't read all the pixmaps each time we recieve an expose
   event. Oops.

 - Be a bit more graceful about failing to find configuration files.

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