gnome-builder 43.1

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


Thanks to all of the prompt testing by users, we have a new release with
may bug fixes for you this week.

 * Raise debug panel when debug session begins.
 * Fix how file-descriptors are passed through flatpak-spawn to the host>
 * Improve Meson run command provider to support CLI applications.
 * Fix support for using deviced to run Flatpak application on remote device.
 * Fix icon for LSP search results in global search.
 * Use -Wno-unused-function for headers for Clang diagnostics to avoid
   reporting errors for static inlines. This removes a workaround from
   previous releases of Builder which causes errors with some C++ code.
 * Fix style-preview height in preferences window.
 * Fix TTY integration with podman containers so color terminals work
   with the build panel.
 * Include a backend-specific error message when version control cloning
   files in the greeter workspace.
 * Fix invalid property value in URL bar for webkit pages.
 * Port meson and cargo plugins to use run commands. This fixes an issue
   where run contexts don't know they need TTY support until too late.
   This affected podman usage.
 * Port git plugin to use run commands for submodule initialization. This
   also helps ensure we have TTY access.
 * Fix "hold" counts on document buffers so they cannot be reclaimed
   immediately after loading of the buffer completes.
 * When renaming files in the project-tree, the old file will be closed
   and the new file re-opened in it's place. Previously we only closed
   the file and did not re-open.
 * gnome-builder-git daemon gained some optimizations and improvements
   around monitoring .git indexes.
 * Git file changes are now properly reloaded after commits are detected
   to the underlying index.
 * Life-cycle tracking of highlighter/completion providers for Ctags has
   been improved.
 * The empty-state for page frames has been updated to fit better with
   adwaita styling.
 * Layered settings for syntax languages has been fixed.
 * Translation updates

======== (9.81M)
  sha256sum: 203d3b6d2830ae88fb74130dcf3bebd5db6f87b06cbcd13933f086e4390223b6

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