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About adwaita-icon-theme

Adwaita icon theme provides basic icon assets for the GNOME OS. The
package includes a fullcolor icon used for devices, and some filetypes
exposed through Files.

 There is also the symbolic icons, that are resolution independent and
used in application chrome and the system.

 Please refer to the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines on when to use
which and how to create your own.


 - build: fix dist tarball creation (symlink issue) #206
 - symbolic: selection-mode tweaks
 - symbolic: folder icons
 - symbolic: package icons
 - symbolic: starred updates
 - symbolic: restore #197
 - fullcolor: drag accept gradient fixes #195
 - symbolic: auth-face for face unlock
 - symbolic: modem updates
 - inkscape 1.2 compatibility
 - fix build
 - symbolic: update style to the contemporary rounded outlines #187
 - symbolic: bluetooth off #102
 - fullcolor: fix trash transparency #185
 - symbolic: revert RTL changes for media seek

======== (9.92M)
  sha256sum: 2e3ac77d32a6aa5554155df37e8f0a0dd54fc5a65fd721e88d505f970da32ec6

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