NetworkManager-sstp 1.3.1

About NetworkManager-sstp

SSTP support for NetworkManager


- Migrating project to use GNU Gettext instead of intltool
- Several bug fixes:
 - Persist options for "verify certificate and extended key usage"
 - Handle cases where "connection-type" option is empty
 - Handling of IPv6 Gateways and removed use of inet_ntoa()
 - MTU is limited to 1400 by default, new advanced option to override this
- Update of translations for Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian,
  Danish, Georgian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Turkish

=========  (2.43K)

======== (496K)
  sha256sum: 7d03126b089a0a4ff665e30755570cecf68510a6cfedb512f4b87e86dac61d7d

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