gnome-user-docs 43.0

About gnome-user-docs

This package contains documents which are packaged together and
shipped as gnome-user-docs in the core GNOME distribution. The
documents are targeted for end-users and system administrators of
GNOME and have general GNOME applicability.

  The GNOME Documentation Project (GDP) is responsible for this


* Updates for GNOME 43 (Bastien Nocera, Andre Klapper, Michael Hill)
* Updated translations:
  ca    (Jordi Mas)
  de    (Jürgen Benvenuti, Tim Sabsch)
  es    (Daniel Mustieles)
  fa    (Danial Behzadi)
  fi    (Jiri Grönroos)
  hr    (Goran Vidović, muzena)
  hu    (Balázs Úr)
  ko    (Seong-ho Cho)
  nl    (Nathan Follens)
  pl    (Piotr Drąg)
  ru    (Aleksandr Melman, Sergej A)
  sv    (Anders Jonsson)
  uk    (Yuri Chornoivan)

======== (10.8M)
  sha256sum: 3607160effd6f91e25a8798b57defb2099dd70b8fee4e7e2f20f2637ac28caee

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