d-spy 1.4.0

About D-Spy

D-Spy is a tool to explore and test end-points and interfaces on the
System or Session D-Bus. You can also connect to D-Bus peers by
address. D-Spy was originally part of GNOME Builder.


# D-Spy 1.4

This release fixes the project name to match the infrastructure.

# D-Spy 1.2.1

Just a few small UI updates and build system fixes in this release.

# D-Spy 1.2.0

D-Spy 1.2.0 is our initial release to correspond with GNOME 42.0.

https://download.gnome.org/sources/d-spy/1.4/d-spy-1.4.0.tar.xz (210K)
  sha256sum: eae8748cea624c5c4c75e021c2df1d7376e4f9f8fbe89ac4434911ecf7886772

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