at-spi2-core 2.46.0

About at-spi2-core

The Access Technology Service Provider Interface (AT-SPI) is a set of
interfaces that allow access technologies such as screen readers to
programmatically determine what is being displayed on the screen and
simulate keyboard and mouse events. It can also be used for automated

The at-spi2-core module contains the D-Bus specification, the registry
daemon, and a C library for use by access technologies that provides a
convenient wrapper around the DBus interfaces.

ATK is a library providing interface definitions that are consumed by
toolkits that wish to integrate with the GNOME accessibility

at-spi2-atk is the library used to bridge ATK to AT-SPI, allowing
applications exposing information via ATK to interface with clients
that use AT-SPI. This module provides the necessary inter-process
communication to allow accessibility-oriented software to operate.


* Fix GetInterfaces documentation on org.a11y.atspi.Accessible

======== (528K)
  sha256sum: aa0c86c79f7a8d67bae49a5b7a5ab08430c608cffe6e33bf47a72f41ab03c3d0

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