glib 2.74.1

About GLib

GLib is the low-level core library that forms the basis for projects
such as GTK+ and GNOME. It provides data structure handling for C,
portability wrappers, and interfaces for such runtime functionality as
an event loop, threads, dynamic loading, and an object system.


* Update Unicode data to version 15 (work by Marco Trevisan) (#2735)

* Fix various build failures in different situations
  (work by Kjell Ahlstedt, Marco Trevisan (Treviño)) (#2740, #2758, #2759, #2766)

* Fix over-eager deprecated property warnings for construct properties
  (work by Simon McVittie) (#2748)

* Fix a crash calling `g_param_value_is_valid()` on a `GParamSpecParam` (work by
  Emmanuele Bassi) (#2770)

* Fix floating `GVariant` leaks with GObject properties (work by Matthias Clasen) (#2774)

* Add inline optimised version of `g_str_equal()` (work by Xavier Claessens) (#2775)

* Fix `GVariant` type depths checks on text format variants (work by Philip Withnall) (#2782)

* Fix regression with int64 and double hashing functions on big-endian architectures
  (work by Simon McVittie) (#2787)

* Build the API documentation only when building GLib as a shared library (work
  by Emmanuele Bassi) (!2896)

* Ignore weird `/etc/localtime` configurations generated by toolbx (work by Ray Strode) (!2973)

* Avoid `EINTR` races when closing FDs in `g_spawn_*()` (work by Thomas Haller) (!2988)

* Bugs fixed:
  - #16 gspawn.c file descriptor handling (Emmanuel Fleury)
  - #333 Make GLib valgrind friendly (Marco Trevisan (Treviño))
  - #2735 Update unicode data to version 15
  - #2740 gio-launch-desktop: clang compiler can't compile with commit 813ce7f0b
    (Kjell Ahlstedt)
  - #2742 glib:gio / file test fails after update to 2.73.3. (Marco Trevisan
  - #2748 construct properties always trigger the deprecated property warning
  - #2758 gmessages.c compile failure with -Werror=unused-result (Marco Trevisan
  - #2759 gosxcontenttype.m compile failure with -Werror=declaration-after-
    statement (Marco Trevisan (Treviño))
  - #2766 glocalfileinfo.c compile failure when utimensat() not available (=
  - #2767 GFileInfo fails to find x-large and xx-large thumbnail paths (Marco
    Trevisan (Treviño))
  - #2770 Random crashes with GLib 2.74.0 (Emmanuele Bassi)
  - #2774 Floating GVariant leaks since 2.73.1 in g_object_set() (Matthias
  - #2775 Add an inline version of g_str_equal (Xavier Claessens)
  - #2782 GVariant type depth not checked on typedecls in text format variants
    (Philip Withnall)
  - #2787 new int64, double hash functions always hash to 0 on big-endian (Simon
  - #2788 GObject warnings: keep or revert warning -> critical change in 2.74.x
    branch? (Philip Withnall)
  - !2852 Replace most GObject warnings with criticals
  - !2857 glib-mkenums: Specify output encoding as UTF-8 explicitly for non-
    English locale
  - !2864 gatomic: fix the atomic compare_and_exchange macros on older C++
    standard versions
  - !2866 tests: skip g-file-info test if atime unsupported
  - !2867 tests: skip shared libs if default_library=static
  - !2880 gbacktrace: Don't truncate gdb output
  - !2885 tests/desktop-app-info: Use unique temporary paths for action files
  - !2892 tests/unix-streams: Free the cancelled error on cancelled cancellable
  - !2896 Build API docs only with shared libraries
  - !2899 gio: make g_task_get_cancellable return value (nullable)
  - !2901 glocalfileoutputstream: Do not double-close an fd on unlink error
  - !2903 docs: Fix markup error in code blocks for "DEPRECATED" macros
  - !2904 tests: Only run g_error_new_valist() programmer error test on glibc
  - !2905 meson: Set install_tag remaining installed files
  - !2907 gthread-win32: Fix conversion error from pointer to integer
  - !2911 glocalfileinfo: In set_mtime_atime(), don't use utimensat() if it's
    not available
  - !2913 gregex: Use pcre2 error messages if we don't provide a specific one
  - !2915 Consider the GLogField.length of "MESSAGE"/"GLIB_DOMAIN" fields in
  - !2916 Update version in the docs to 2.74.1 for the fixed handling of...
  - !2920 gregex: Allow G_REGEX_JAVASCRIPT_COMPAT in compile mask
  - !2922 ci: Conform to Python's coding style
  - !2924 Optimize the implementation of `g_double_hash`
  - !2928 build: Let Meson figure out Python installation
  - !2931 gdatetime: add missing g_return_() check in g_date_time_format_iso8601
  - !2933 Fix style warning in gvariant.c
  - !2938 gdatetime: add NULL guard in g_date_time_new_now()
  - !2939 gobject/tests/param: Add unit test for handling invalid NULL param
  - !2946 tests: Check the return value of fwrite() in a test
  - !2948 ghash: document g_hash_table_steal_extended() behavior for sets
  - !2949 doc: Correctly annotate g_async_queue_push()
  - !2958 Backport !2952 “Various win32 test fixes” to glib-2-74
  - !2960 Backport !2959 “Some leaks fixes” to glib-2-74
  - !2973 Backport !2955 “gtimezone: Reject weird /etc/localtime configurations”
    to glib-2-74
  - !2975 Backport !2974 “gvariant-parser: Reject deeply-nested typedecls in
    text form variants” to glib-2-74
  - !2982 Backport !2887 “glocalfileinfo: Ensure we always sniff some data to
    get the content type” to glib-2-74
  - !2983 Backport !2910 “gmessages: Handle unused results from fputs and
    fwrite” to glib-2-74
  - !2988 Backport !2947 “gspawn: avoid race due to retry with EINTR on close()”
    to glib-2-74
  - !2989 Backport !2978 “A couple of test fixes on OS X” to glib-2-74
  - !2995 Revert !2924 in 2.74.x branch
  - !2996 Revert "Replace most GObject warnings with criticals" on glib-2-74
  - !2998 Backport !2934 “gobject: Always ref-sink variants in g_object_set” to
  - !3010 Backport !3009 “gtimezone: Fix symlink checks on relative link
    targets” to glib-2-74

* Translation updates:
  - Abkhazian (Nart Tlisha)
  - Friulian (Fabio Tomat)
  - German (Christian Kirbach)
  - Hebrew (Yaron Shahrabani)
  - Kazakh (Baurzhan Muftakhidinov)
  - Occitan (post 1500) (Quentin PAGÈS)
  - Turkish (Sabri Ünal)

======== (4.95M)
  sha256sum: 0ab981618d1db47845e56417b0d7c123f81a3427b2b9c93f5a46ff5bbb964964

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