evolution-data-server 3.46.1

About evolution-data-server

Centralized access to appointments and contacts


Bug Fixes:
        I#416 - LDAP: Possible memory leak in build_mods_from_contacts()
        I#417 - Serialize OAuth2 token refresh for an account
        I#419 - IMAP: Does not forget renamed folders on the server
        I#420 - LDAP: Use valid values for error paths of contact create/remove
        I#427 - Tautology in e_named_parameters_equal()
        M!104 - camel-db.c: Rearrange transaction handling (Дилян Палаузов)

        po: Merge .source files back to the POTFILES.in
        IMAPX: Hide complete requests in debug logs for some sensitive commands
        Handle negative value for GUri's port
        CamelDB: Fix an uninitialized variable warning

        Aleksandr Melman (ru)
        Asier Sarasua Garmendia (eu)
        Aurimas Černius (lt)
        emintufan (tr)
        Fabio Tomat (fur)
        Goran Vidović (hr)
        Guillaume Bernard (fr)
        Hugo Carvalho (pt)
        Jürgen Benvenuti (de)
        Martin (sl)
        Rafael Fontenelle (pt_BR)
        Yuri Chornoivan (uk)
        Zurab Kargareteli (ka)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-data-server/3.46/evolution-data-server-3.46.1.tar.xz (4.62M)
  sha256sum: c55e72cff4190b42e63dd6eabc6dce48a1a1f79040531f1af6d51c1efa4aa6eb

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