NetworkManager 1.40.2


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.40.0

* Ensure that resolv.conf gets updated when the configuration changes.
* Fix setting as bond primary an interface that doesn't exist yet when the
  bond is activated.
* The number of autoconnect retries is now accounted independently for each
  device when there are profiles with multi-connect=multiple.
* Don't print duplicate entries in the output of "NetworkManager
* Fix the ifcfg-rh plugin to properly read infiniband P-Key connection
  profiles without an explicit interface name.
* Allow the removal of a bond port connection profile from the bond via
* Fix race condition during the activation of veth profiles when the peer
  already exists.
* Decline the DHCPv6 lease if all addresses fail IPv6 duplicate address
  detection (DAD).
* Wait that devices get carrier before trying to resolve the system hostname
  on them via DNS.
* Fix race condition during the initial activation of OVS interfaces.
* Profiles generated by nm-initrd-generator now have lower than default
* Fix error when adding many SR-IOV virtual functions (VFs).

======== (6.28M)
  sha256sum: b126e75a234936c99c47b259c55120ebdd9bf76ac4efd30c9811e56a0481c273

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