gnome-builder 43.2

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


I'm trying harder to get minor releases out to users this cycle so that
papercuts are resolved quickly with the GTK 4 port. This release continues
on that effort.

 * Use preferred $SHELL for $PATH discovery on host to ensure we pick up
   various $PATH modificiations.
 * Disable support for Fish when crossing container boundaries, it caused
   too many runtime compat issues. A default shell fallback will be used.
 * The meson plugin gained support for extracting run commands for executables
   installed to $prefix/bin.
 * Remove <> from insert-matching-braces.
 * gdbwire amalgamation updated for bugfixes.
 * Silence stderr when using gdb to avoid merging of stderr/stdout. This fixes
   various issues with using GDB across containers.
 * Various workspace UI fixes.
 * Path resolution fixes when resolving paths across container boundaries.
 * Build flag extraction fixes, particularly around -isystem use and C++
   build flags with libclang.
 * Fixes for display of C/C++ parameters in code completion.
 * Fixes to spellcheck invalidation.
 * Performance fixes for repeated lookups of programs in runtime paths.
 * GTK 4 project template improvements.
 * Translation updates

Thanks to everyone who filed bugs!

======== (9.80M)
  sha256sum: 77322117a111b2747bcce8ad60578a679c2021e486911cf6f4e63416328abb33

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