gnome-text-editor 43.1

About Text Editor

Text Editor is a simple editor for GNOME focused on being a good
general purpose default editor.


This is a bug-fix release intended for end-users.

 • Don't toggle editability during (auto)save operations as they can
   break input methods and cause input stalls.
 • Fix ctrl+home/end keyboard shortcut usage
 • Spellcheck improvements
 • Provide full document paths in tab tooltips
 • Fix bugreport_url in about dialog
 • Use stdout for --version output
 • Documentation updates
 • Translation updates

Thanks to everyone that reported issues and patches!

======== (587K)
  sha256sum: 973a4b0deb68f9f91a54a4dd415b6afde9b5ae3ee684bc761471f94290f9f6cb

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