gedit 43.0

About gedit

gedit is a general-purpose text editor.

The first goal of gedit is to be easy to use, with a simple interface
by default. More advanced features are available by enabling plugins.


* Come back to the source code of gedit 40.0 and continue again from there.
  It is based on the Tepl and Amtk libraries.
  The single Open button is again split in two with a drop-down menu for recent

* Workaround for bug: text cut off at the bottom in certain situations.

* Change app name from "Text Editor" back to "gedit".
* AppData: some updates, take a new screenshot.
* Remove gitlab-ci.
* Remove outdated build-aux/osx/ directory (several MB).
* Flatpak: generate JSON manifest from YAML manifest.
* File browser plugin: more robust check if Nautilus GSettings can be used, even
  if the key doesn't exist anymore.
* Rework the I/O error info bars.
* Handle application/x-zerosize mimetype.
* Small code maintenance.
* Documentation updates.
* Translation updates.

======== (2.60M)
  sha256sum: 3afe85df81842bfa826eab8de0a64fd840364cd2a9ed2adda5f8a203cdf27d56

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