calls 43.alpha.1

About Calls

Calls is a dialer for phone calls, initially PSTN calls but eventually
other systems like SIP in future.


Released: 25 May 2022

New features:
* SIP plugin can now be used for SRTP (SDES key exchange).
  By default it can only be used when using TLS transport.
  If you want to use SRTP without TLS, you must set the newly added
  "always-allow-sdes" gsetting

Maybe noteworthy:
* UI tweaks for SIP account settings
* Fixed gsettings binding cycle

Translation updates:
 - Georgian (Zurab Kargareteli)
 - Dutch (Nathan Follens)
 - Portuguese (Hugo Carvalho)
 - Spanish (Pablo Correa Gómez)
 - Ukrainian (Yuri Chornoivan)
 - Swedish (Anders Jonsson)

The detailed changes can be found in debian/changelog

======== (488K)
  sha256sum: 7e6319bed3e1fae405d4f28a97c97601969f9b1b1c9a1188f8afd6f651813c9d

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