NetworkManager 1.36.6


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.36.4

* Fix a bug in synchronization of IP addresses with kernel that
  could lead to a wrong address order.
* Don't reset addresses and routes on devices that are not managed by
* Fix renewal of DHCP lease after a NAK.
* Fix IPv6 on WWAN connections.
* Fix DHCPv6 over PPP.
* Ignore addresses from DHCPv6 when the Otherconf router advertisement
  flag is set.
* Ensure temporary IPv6 addresses are removed on disconnect and
* Fix activation of bluetooth NAP connections.
* Fix a buffering problem in the libnm VPN plugin code that caused a
  twenty second delay on VPN activations.
* Normalize empty strings to NULL in 802-1x setting to avoid
  supplicant failure.
* With key-mgmt="wpa-psk", enable Wi-Fi WPA3 transition mode only when
  the the device supports it and PMF is enabled.
* Fast-transition is disabled when creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, to
  prevent interoperability issues with clients.

======== (5.18M)
  sha256sum: 4bc24122a8f6930a246c6ddb9406f2d5109724b9c588504fa5b45cb8d778c321

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