network-manager-applet 1.26.0

About network-manager-applet

Tray applet and an advanced network connection editor


Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-1.24.0

* Improve error messages and error dialogs.
* Improve Wi-Fi security combo error handling.
* Stop providing WEP by default.
* Replace the lock icon for WEP networks with an exclamation
* Fix meson 0.61 issues.
* Make the tooltip of the status icon available for
  screen readers.
* Fix OWE wireless security option not showed
  on "Connect to a Hidden Network" dialog.
* Fix OWE wireless security option not being saved
  when chosen from nm-connection-editor.
* Move 802.1 dialog margins for the inner vbox.
* Align labels for Ethernet dialog.
* Move all Wi-FI entries to a submenu.
* Fix the VPN plugins dialog margins.
* Add a scrolled window for the VPN page.
* Internal improvements.
* Update translations.

======== (1.88M)
  sha256sum: 69611b29064adbd57395fe3e51a9ebde1ea794615f776900453a2bbe3d8cddfd

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