libdazzle 3.43.90

About libdazzle

libdazzle is a collection of fancy features for GLib and Gtk+ that
aren't quite ready or generic enough for use inside those libraries.
This is often a proving ground for new widget prototypes. Applications
such as Builder tend to drive development of this project.


This is a RC release for GNOME 42.

 • Apply CSS changes immediately
 • Build fixes for stack protector
 • Improvements to DzlTaskCache
 • GCC fixes for macOS
 • Fix page-size for spinbutton adjustments

Note that libdazzle is not expected to survive into GTK 4. Applications
using features from libdazzle should either look to the replacements that
can be found as part of GTK 4 itself or libadwaita.

For those using the more esoteric features of libdazzle like fuzzy search,
tries, and file system abstractions, you should copy those into your project

======== (443K)
  sha256sum: 2cf4ed0a829cc346b0a860f9411cab27aae426349c4fec02814640cb3984ca26

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