gnome-text-editor 42.rc1

About Text Editor

Text Editor is a simple editor for GNOME focused on being a good
general purpose default editor.


This is our first release candidate for GNOME 42. With luck, this will be our
last release before 42.0. At this point, we consider the project code complete
until we branch and begin the GNOME 43 cycle.

That doesn't mean there are not bugs or things we want to be different, simply
that time is here to ship a product.  We hope you enjoy it and responsibly file
bugs and/or additional design requests.

I'd like to send a special thanks to all the translators who've been working to
land translations in time for 42, despite the state of the world and the
struggles involved.

Changes since 42.beta1

 • CSS styling tweaks.
 • The enchant spellcheck backend will now ignore dictionaries which
   fail to provide a name which can be displayed to the user. This so far
   has only been seen on macOS but may affect other platforms.
 • Updated application metadata and screenshots.
 • Translation updates.

======== (1.04M)
  sha256sum: 24b09030520f6f74333f2e6aa0d98dd4fdfa941c7c42c5e4e2b5bcd23d79326a

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