gnome-initial-setup 42.rc

About GNOME Initial Setup

gnome-initial-setup helps you set up your OS when you boot or log in
for the first time.


* Initial Setup now supports the GNOME 42 dark theme preference, and picks up a
  dependency on libhandy to enable this. This will only have a visible impact
  if a distribution overrides the default value of this preference, since there
  is no way for a user to adjust this preference until Initial Setup is
  complete. (Jeremy Bicha, !140)

* Translation updates:
 - Bulgarian
 - Catalan
 - Croatian
 - Finnish
 - German
 - Korean
 - Lithuanian
 - Persian
 - Swedish
 - Turkish

======== (1.12M)
  sha256sum: ec00b37bc69726f970b00c3885282ae083e0b468bdde2192db80f68eed5e2779

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