gnome-initial-setup 43.alpha

About GNOME Initial Setup

gnome-initial-setup helps you set up your OS when you boot or log in
for the first time.


* Initial Setup now builds against rest-1.0 if available, falling back to
  rest-0.7 if not. There is no meson option to control this.

* Initial Setup now builds against libsoup 3 by default. As a transitional
  measure, you can opt to build against libsoup 2 by passing -Dsoup2=true
  to meson setup. geocode-glib-1.0, gweather4, and rest (1.0 or 0.7) must
  have been built against the same version of libsoup.

* A number of Meson .wrap files for dependencies such as gweather4 have been
  removed. These dependencies are now widely available in stable distros and
  container images thereof.

* Initial Setup no longer reads gnome-version.xml to determine the GNOME
  version in the fallback case when no OS information is available from
  /etc/os-release. gnome-version.xml has been removed from GNOME 43.

======== (1.13M)
  sha256sum: 2919dd7d73b6e226303aedbe122329b043838d1388bc54131684dd93a00fde08

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