gtksourceview 5.4.2

About gtksourceview

GtkSourceView is a GNOME library that extends GtkTextView, the
standard GTK widget for multiline text editing. GtkSourceView adds
support for syntax highlighting, undo/redo, file loading and saving,
search and replace, a completion system, printing, displaying line
numbers, and other features typical of a source code editor.


 * Updated languages: c.lang, perl.lang
 * Updated style-schemes: Adwaita-dark, solarized-light, solarized-dark
 * Updated translations: Friulian
 * Gutter renderers are now provided a prelight quark for lines when the
   pointer is over the gutter.
 * Hover assistants now avoid synthesized motion which is used much more
   often in GTK 4 when dealing with crossing-events.
 * Hover assistants will now dismiss themselves when the cursor moves.
 * GtkSourceMap has reduced how often it needs to do allocation by ignoring
   spurious notify::upper and value-changed signals from GtkTextView's
   vertical GtkAdjustment.
 * The testsuite has gained some correctness improvements thanks to
   issues pointed out by S├ębastien Wilmet.
 * The Vim emulation's register implementation is now shared between buffers
   as it would be expected in Vim.
 * Snippets have gained some robustness improvements including the ability
   to simplify results from the snippet parser, more defensive behavior,
   and being lazier when possible.
 * Tabbing through focus-positions in snippets will now immediately jump
   to the new position if scrolling is required instead of animating as
   it results in better placement of tooltip assistants.
 * Assistants including completion, hover, and interactive tooltips now
   reduce how often they request presentation and position calculation from
   GDK and ultimately display servers such as Wayland.
 * Completion windows now take the size of the gutter into account when
   calculating their position relative to the parent GtkWindow so that the
   typed-text column remains aligned with typed text in the source view.
 * Completion has gained robustness improvements to do less work when
   possible and avoid spinning the frame-clock which could happen in
   certain scenarios.

It is recommended that distributions update to this release if they are
already shipping a GtkSourceView 5.4.x release.

======== (1.20M)
  sha256sum: ad140e07eb841910de483c092bd4885abd29baadd6e95fa22d93ed2df0b79de7

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