gnome-latex 3.41.1


User-visible changes:
* Build Tools preferences dialog: add a note about restarting the application.
* Minor bug fix to directly update the GUI if the system fixed width font is

Under the hood changes:
* Continue to move more features (and improve them) to the Amtk and Tepl
* Simplify / refresh some parts of the code.

* Build system: many improvements and simplifications.
* For the Vala code, use the *.gir file of GtkSourceView (instead of the *.vapi
  file). And no longer generate latexila.vapi for the internal library.
* Migrate from Intltool to pure gettext.
  But the *.desktop file and AppData are no longer translated, need to find a
  better solution.

* Better support MSYS2/MINGW (Windows), normally no patches are required
    - liblatexila: add latexila_dirs functions, inspired by gedit_dirs.
    - Other small tweak.

* Documentation: many improvements to the contributors' docs.
* Other small improvements here and there.

======== (1.13M)
  sha256sum: 5636533ac0817404c3e14a6c616e1ef66833dd48d0dfdaabf750fb29fe89ad2d

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