libadwaita 1.0.5

About libadwaita

libadwaita is a collection of GTK widgets for adaptive applications
targeting form-factors from mobile to desktop. It also offers
innovative widgets following the GNOME design guidelines.


- AdwLeaflet
  - Fix child sizing with fold-threshold-policy=natural
- AdwStyleManager
  - Correctly handle removing a GdkDisplay
  - Fix high contrast setting name when using a portal
- AdwSwipeTracker
  - Fix a memory leak
- AdwTabBar
  - Fix middle click when inside GtkWindowHandle
- Stylesheet
  - Fix action row title and subtitle inside GtkHeaderBar
  - Fix progressbar.osd overriding text color

======== (2.60M)
  sha256sum: 415ba332bdc497e3c656b4acf6f6f32a28bc1e242e7950956d3ea847388ff4a0

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