gnome-text-editor 42.beta1

About Text Editor

Text Editor is a simple editor for GNOME focused on being a good
general purpose default editor.


This is our first Beta release as we progress towards GNOME 42. A number
of bug fixes have landed since 42.alpha2 and we encourage your further
testing to make 42 a great reveal!

 • Many CSS integration improvements including recoloring
 • Text Editor will now locate style schemes in additional search paths
 • Fixes to search bar positioning and focus-in state
 • You can now tweak many per-document settings using the context menu
   within the page which can help users determine what settings were/are
   global from the view menu vs how they were overriden by automatic
   settings discovery (which can be disabled in preferences).
 • Smart-Home-End behavior is now enabled in "before" mode
 • New command line options have been added
 • Build fixes for macOS
 • We now advertise the GTK version we require propertly for line-height
 • Improvements to titles/subtitles to reflect various document capabilities
 • A new style scheme has been added for printing which is used automatically
   until we have further settings in GtkPrintOperation via Flatpak portals.
 • More strict checks in B+Tree code for spell checking. If you find any
   assertions, please do tell us!
 • Propertly use AdwApplication base class
 • Improvements to failure paths when access to underlying GFile or GFileInfo
   fails to provide reasonable information.
 • Spellcheck settings are now persisted across sessions using extended
 • The buffer monitor is now disabled when a buffer fails to load
 • The default style scheme is now set to Adwaita propertly
 • Search now draws various bubbles around the matches to make them easier
   to differentiate from the background text.
 • Translation updates

======== (1.01M)
  sha256sum: c69586e48458f6fcc76b3816316d9fbcce04396893425b7f8319601e493dfc0f

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