gnome-console 42.beta


Released: 2022-02-14

KGX now goes by Console and we have restored the legendary ‘Day’ mode

Also in this release:
 * 👓 Much better High Contrast support
 * 🔬 Increased Zoom range
 * 📋 Paste is now less pernickety
 * 🩹 Fixed a couple leaks and assorted issues

GNOME l10n Teams have updated translations:
 * Basque
 * Chinese (China)
 * Finnish
 * Galician
 * Hebrew
 * Polish
 * Portuguese
 * Portuguese (Brazil)
 * Russian
 * Slovenian
 * Spanish
 * Swedish
 * Turkish
 * Ukrainian

Version 0.4.0
Released: 2021-10-24

More Terminals! KGX can now host multiple sessions per window with nifty tabs on larger screens and
a neat list for those on the narrower side

Also in this release:
 * 🎨 Shiny new — yet familiar — icon
 * 📜 More scrollback
 * 🔗 Mouse users can ctrl-click links
 * 🗄️ Handy little Files (Nautilus) extension to launch KGX in a folder
 * 🤦‍♀️ Assorted bugs have been wrangled and scrolling behaviour (especially on touch) has been
 * 💬 GNOME l10n teams have added many more translations
 * 🪛 Adventurous users can set a custom shell (such as fish) and tweak the scrollback size

Version 0.2.1
Released: 2019-10-06

Use HdySearchBar to match the behaviour in other apps.

Improved generic banding (no weird symbols in about dialog).

Translation updates from the wonderful d-l team (except en_GB, that translator seems to have
dropped the ball....).

Version 0.2.0
Released: 2019-09-15

Impoved tracking of running commands reducing resource usage, especially when running in the

Command complete notifications and query close when commands are still running.

Translations for de, en_GB, es, fi, hu, pl & pt_BR from various users on (thanks

Version 0.1.0
Released: 2019-07-30

The first release of our little terminal emulator with basic functionality.

======== (134K)
  sha256sum: 2eafec8720210dcc01e47aa98a1bc6c76fb1c155365dac7bfcd7ab170477e834

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