libxslt 1.1.23

About libxslt

Libxslt is the XSLT C library developed for the GNOME project. XSLT
itself is a an XML language to define transformation for XML. Libxslt
is based on libxml2, the XML C library developed for the GNOME
project. It also implements most of the EXSLT set of processor-
portable extensions functions and some of Saxon's evaluate and
expressions extensions.


1.1.22: Aug 23 2007:
   - Bug fixes: RVT cleanup problems (William Brack), exclude-result-prefix
      bug (William Brack), stylesheet compilation error handling (Rob Richards).
   - Portability fixes: improve build with VS2005 (Rob Richards), 
      fixing build on AIX (Bjorn Wiberg), fix the security file checks on
      Windows (Roland Schwarz and Rob Richards). 
   - Improvement: add an --encoding option to xsltproc (Drazen Kacar). 

=========  (3.92K)

======== (1.38M)
  sha256sum: 8cb08c6d3eae823c7c0862785abaa3db503811b9ac946d570769821d7047af50

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