libxml2 2.7.2

About libxml2

Libxml2 is the XML C parser and toolkit developed for the Gnome
project (but usable outside of the Gnome platform), it is free
software available under the MIT License. XML itself is a metalanguage
to design markup languages, i.e. text language where semantic and
structure are added to the content using extra "markup" information
enclosed between angle brackets. HTML is the most well-known markup
language. Though the library is written in C a variety of language
bindings make it available in other environments.

Libxml2 is known to be very portable, the library should build and
work without serious troubles on a variety of systems (Linux, Unix,
Windows, CygWin, MacOS, MacOS X, RISC Os, OS/2, VMS, QNX, MVS,
VxWorks, ...)


   - Portability fix: fix solaris compilation problem, fix compilation
        if XPath is not configured in
   - Bug fixes: nasty entity bug introduced in 2.7.0, restore old behaviour
        when saving an HTML doc with an xml dump function, HTML UTF-8 parsing
        bug, fix reader custom error handlers (Riccardo Scussat)
   - Improvement: xmlSave options for more flexibility to save as
        XML/HTML/XHTML, handle leading BOM in HTML documents

2.7.1: Sep 1 2008:
   - Portability fix: Borland C fix (Moritz Both)
   - Bug fixes: python serialization wrappers, XPath QName corner
        case handking and leaks (Martin)
   - Improvement: extend the xmlSave to handle HTML documents and trees
   - Cleanup: python serialization wrappers

2.7.0: Aug 30 2008:
   - Documentation: switch ChangeLog to UTF-8, improve mutithreads and
      xmlParserCleanup docs
   - Portability fixes: Older Win32 platforms (Rob Richards), MSVC
      porting fix (Rob Richards), Mac OS X regression tests (Sven Herzberg),
      non GNUCC builds (Rob Richards), compilation on Haiku (Andreas Färber)
   - Bug fixes: various realloc problems (Ashwin), potential double-free
      (Ashwin), regexp crash, icrash with invalid whitespace facets (Rob
      Richards), pattern fix when streaming (William Brack), various XML
      parsing and validation fixes based on the W3C regression tests, reader
      tree skipping function fix (Ashwin), Schemas regexps escaping fix
      (Volker Grabsch), handling of entity push errors (Ashwin), fix a slowdown
      when encoder cant serialize characters on output
   - Code cleanup: compilation fix without the reader, without the output
      (Robert Schwebel), python whitespace (Martin), many space/tabs cleanups,
      serious cleanup of the entity handling code
   - Improvement: switch parser to XML-1.0 5th edition, add parsing flags
      for old versions, switch URI parsing to RFC 3986,
      add xmlSchemaValidCtxtGetParserCtxt (Holger Kaelberer),
      new hashing functions for dictionnaries (based on Stefan Behnel work),
      improve handling of misplaced html/head/body in HTML parser, better
      regression test tools and code coverage display, better algorithms
      to detect various versions of the billion laughts attacks, make
      arbitrary parser limits avoidable as a parser option

2.6.32: Apr 8 2008:
   - Documentation: returning heap memory to kernel (Wolfram Sang),
      trying to clarify xmlCleanupParser() use, xmlXPathContext improvement
      (Jack Jansen), improve the *Recover* functions documentation,
      XmlNodeType doc link fix (Martijn Arts)
   - Bug fixes: internal subset memory leak (Ashwin), avoid problem with
      paths starting with // (Petr Sumbera), streaming XSD validation callback
      patches (Ashwin), fix redirection on port other than 80 (William Brack),
      SAX2 leak (Ashwin), XInclude fragment of own document (Chris Ryan),
      regexp bug with '.' (Andrew Tosh), flush the writer at the end of the
      document (Alfred Mickautsch), output I/O bug fix (William Brack),
      writer CDATA output after a text node (Alex Khesin), UTF-16 encoding
      detection (William Brack), fix handling of empty CDATA nodes for Safari
      team, python binding problem with namespace nodes, improve HTML parsing
      (Arnold Hendriks), regexp automata build bug, memory leak fix (Vasily
      Chekalkin), XSD test crash, weird system parameter entity parsing problem,
      allow save to file:///X:/ windows paths, various attribute normalisation
      problems, externalSubsetSplit fix (Ashwin), attribute redefinition in
      the DTD (Ashwin), fix in char ref parsing check (Alex Khesin), many
      out of memory handling fixes (Ashwin), XPath out of memory handling fixes
      (Alvaro Herrera), various realloc problems (Ashwin), UCS4 encoding
      conversion buffer size (Christian Fruth), problems with EatName
      functions on memory errors, BOM handling in external parsed entities
      (Mark Rowe)
   - Code cleanup: fix build under VS 2008 (David Wimsey), remove useless
      mutex in xmlDict (Florent Guilian), Mingw32 compilation fix (Carlo
      Bramini), Win and MacOS EOL cleanups (Florent Guiliani), iconv need
      a const detection (Roumen Petrov), simplify xmlSetProp (Julien Charbon),
      cross compilation fixes for Mingw (Roumen Petrov), SCO Openserver build
      fix (Florent Guiliani), iconv uses const on Win32 (Rob Richards),
      duplicate code removal (Ashwin), missing malloc test and error reports
      (Ashwin), VMS makefile fix (Tycho Hilhorst)
   - improvements: better plug of schematron in the normal error handling
      (Tobias Minich)

2.6.31: Jan 11 2008:
   - Security fix: missing of checks in UTF-8 parsing
   - Bug fixes: regexp bug, dump attribute from XHTML document, fix
      xmlFree(NULL) to not crash in debug mode, Schematron parsing crash
      (Rob Richards), global lock free on Windows (Marc-Antoine Ruel),
      XSD crash due to double free (Rob Richards), indentation fix in
      xmlTextWriterFullEndElement (Felipe Pena), error in attribute type
      parsing if attribute redeclared, avoid crash in hash list scanner if
      deleting elements, column counter bug fix (Christian Schmidt),
      HTML embed element saving fix (Stefan Behnel), avoid -L/usr/lib
      output from xml2-config (Fred Crozat), avoid an xmllint crash 
      (Stefan Kost), don't stop HTML parsing on out of range chars.
   - Code cleanup: fix open() call third argument, regexp cut'n paste
      copy error, unused variable in __xmlGlobalInitMutexLock (Hannes Eder),
      some make distcheck realted fixes (John Carr)
   - Improvements: HTTP Header: includes port number (William Brack),
      testURI --debug option, 

2.6.30: Aug 23 2007:
   - Portability: Solaris crash on error handling, windows path fixes
      (Roland Schwarz and Rob Richards), mingw build (Roland Schwarz)
   - Bugfixes: xmlXPathNodeSetSort problem (William Brack), leak when
      reusing a writer for a new document (Dodji Seketeli), Schemas
      xsi:nil handling patch (Frank Gross), relative URI build problem
      (Patrik Fimml), crash in xmlDocFormatDump, invalid char in comment
      detection bug, fix disparity with xmlSAXUserParseMemory, automata
      generation for complex regexp counts problems, Schemas IDC import
      problems (Frank Gross), xpath predicate evailation error handling
      (William Brack)

=========  (29.8K)

======== (2.75M)
  sha256sum: 751c3502cef900b9532521b42728ea77feef3c932b5e475b3d898e363c8c717a

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