gnome-calculator 42.beta

About GNOME Calculator

Calculator is an application that solves mathematical equations and is
suitable as a default application in a Desktop environment


    * Updated Translations
    * Fixed build issues with GCI entry controller tests #250 (Robert Roth)
    * Force LTR in history view #252 (Robert Roth)
    * programing mode: Force bit digits to be always LTR #258 (Yosef Or Boczko)
    * Use AdwApplication (Alexander Mikhaylenko)
    * ui: Fix styles !105 (Alexander Mikhaylenko)

======== (1.00M)
  sha256sum: f67aee51cfd097da5d27bb94fe8d090a4a68a5f77dd1ba0be5f3785fa2852aed

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