libadwaita 1.1.beta

About libadwaita

libadwaita is a collection of GTK widgets for adaptive applications
targeting form-factors from mobile to desktop. It also offers
innovative widgets following the GNOME design guidelines.


- Fix building with MSVC
- AdwActionRow
  - Don't make activatable if the activatable widget is insensitive
- AdwClamp
  - Fix measure() with height-for-width children
- AdwComboRow
  - Fix end padding when the dropdown arrow is hidden
- AdwExpanderRow
  - Fix focus handling
- AdwPreferencesGroup
  - Add support for header suffixes
- AdwPreferencesRow
  - Add 'title-selectable' property
- Demo
  - Fix combo rows in AdwCarousel demo
  - Remove the "Frobnicate" button

======== (1.49M)
  sha256sum: 65629ee474329a25f44a6f139c91866ba0193d1f56c706154cc49763162943d3

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