gnome-commander 1.14.0

About GNOME Commander

Light and fast file manager for GNOME


Human-readable textual output can easily be generated with the following command:

$ appstream-util appdata-to-news /usr/share/metainfo/org.gnome.gnome-commander.appdata.xml

gnome-commander 1.14.0

New features:
 * Selectable default action when drag-n-drop files with the mouse
 * Optional usage of the trash can instead of permanent file deletion (see issue #2)
 * Removed internal file search dialog, instead use external command for file search
 * Name of connected remote server is shown in the directory indicator (see issue #71)
 * New menu entry for (un)selecting only files

Bug fixes:
 * Fixed issue #3  (Mounted devices pluged when Commander is running are not noticed)
 * Fixed issue #5  ("Follow Links" option does not work when copying files)
 * Fixed issue #13 (Directory size not updated while copying)
 * Fixed issue #16 (Start-left-dir doesn't work on '.' (dot directory))
 * Fixed issue #19 (FTP connections are not closed correctly)
 * Fixed issue #28 (Write permissions are given to all users on an FTP server)
 * Fixed issue #33 (Get rid of deprecated gnome-vfs)
 * Fixed issue #39 (Copy fail when selecting a "drive")
 * Fixed issue #41 (Directory not unreferenced correctly from cache when renamed)
 * Fixed issue #45 (Gnome Commander closes when clicking on SMB path \\xxx\dddddd)
 * Fixed issue #46 (Automatic refresh of folder content is not correct)
 * Fixed issue #47 (Duplicate directory when copying over an existing directory)
 * Fixed issue #51 (Move and not copy by default on same filesystem)
 * Fixed issue #52 (Auto refresh when changing permissions etc)
 * Fixed issue #57 (Remote connections: Gnome Commander misreads file ownership)
 * Fixed issue #59 (On ssh connection, to delete a renamed folder/file don't work)
 * Fixed issue #74 (Does not show mounted external drives)
 * Fixed issue #75 (Newly inserted DVD does not show up)
 * Fixed issue #76 (Crash in Gnome Commander when using webDAV SSL)
 * Fixed issue #107 (Wrong parsing of command string)
 * Fixed issue #115 (No error on autogen when flex is missing)

List of developers:
 * Uwe Scholz
 * Mamoru Tasaka
 * Andrey Sokolov
 * Maik Pertermann
 * Philipp Kiemle

New or updated translations:
 * ca (Jordi Mas)
 * cs (Marek Černocký)
 * da (Alan Mortensen, Ask Hjorth Larsen)
 * de (Tim Sabsch, Wolfgang Stöggl)
 * es (Daniel Mustieles, Rodrigo Lledó)
 * eu (Asier Sarasua Garmendia)
 * fi (Jiri Grönroos)
 * hu (Balázs Úr)
 * id (Andika Triwidada, Kukuh Syafaat)
 * pl (Piotr Drąg)
 * pt_BR (Enrico Nicoletto, Matheus Barbosa, Rafael Fontenelle)
 * ro (Daniel Șerbănescu)
 * ru (Andrey Sokolov, Олеся Герасименко)
 * sl (Matej Urbančič)
 * sr (Мирослав Николић)
 * sv (Anders Jonsson, Luna Jernberg)
 * tr (Muhammet Kara)
 * uk (Yuri Chornoivan)
 * zh_CN (Boyuan Yang)

New or updated docs:
 * es (Daniel Mustieles)
 * sv (Anders Jonsson)

=========  (5.96K)

======== (6.59M)
  sha256sum: ed1d989f74d8ff553a5cae2be6c3180f988923edba7e8482c2b1df7da440bffd

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