libnotify 0.7.10

About Desktop notification library

libnotify is a library for sending desktop notifications


* notify-send: Support commas in icon filenames [Thorsten; !15]
* notify-send: Give failing exit code if showing notification fails [Ray, !13]
* notify-send: Support for replacing an existing notification [Paul; !17]
* notify-send: Add support for notification actions and responses [Ben; !18]
* notification: Send the application ID when possible [Corentin; !1]
* notification: Use g_memdup2 when available [Marco; !22]
* notification: Improve SNAP detection and confined desktop ID [Marco; !23]
* notification: Add support for getting actions activation token [Marco; !24]
* notify: Use application ID if any to set the fallback app name [Marco; !18]
* Build fixes and improvements [Marco; !22]
* Docs updates [Boris, David; !14, !20]

  Marco Trevisan, Boris Shtrasman, Matthias Sweertvaegher, Thorsten Wißmann,
  Ray Strode, Maximiliano Sandoval R, David King, Corentin Noël, Paul Collins,
  Matthias Sweertvaegher, Ben Blain

======== (99.0K)
  sha256sum: 37dc47dd1bd3c1360d6e8815c3affb99d120e3617d7e5647586f117cffe0ba4b

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