libadwaita 1.1.1

About libadwaita

libadwaita is a collection of GTK widgets for adaptive applications
targeting form-factors from mobile to desktop. It also offers
innovative widgets following the GNOME design guidelines.


- AdwAvatar
  - Fix initials not updating after setting custom-image
- AdwSplitButton:
  - Avoid state changes during dispose
- AdwViewSwitcherTitle
  - Clear pending idle callback on unrealize
- AdwPreferencesGroup
  - Annotation fixes
- AdwPreferencesGroup
  - Annotation fixes
- AdwTabBar
  - Ensure indicators are clickable with inverted=true
  - Fix resize deferring with non-expanded tabs
  - Fix scroll animation stopping too early
- Mention AdwComboRow:selected type in migration guide
- Fix a Meson error when using as a subproject
- Translation updates:
  - Abkhazian
  - British English
  - Bulgarian
  - Catalan
  - Dutch

======== (2.60M)
  sha256sum: 491169d4f6a11765328996bc088272d05c7235453bc0ee73c20dfd4bd67b401c

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