gnumeric 1.12.52

About Gnumeric

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet application aiming to be Free, Fast, and


        * Attach the vertical alignment selector to the toolbar.
        * Improve the toolbar styling a bit.
        * Fix toolbar overflow menu's labeling.
        * Many improvements to vertical toolbars.
        * Install appdata file in new location [#612]
        * Allow styling of cell extension indicators.
        * Restore bolding of active sheet tab.
        * Fix import of mildly broken print settings in xlsx files from
        * Various --with-long-double fixes.
        * Fix BITAND.
        * Test improvements.
        * Fix xlsx write for sheet objects with text contents.  [#617]
        * Fix leak.
        * Fix old problem saving column widths.  [#619]
        * Set default number of sheets to 1.
        * Fix edge error case for SMALL and LARGE.  [#620]
        * Increase the default column width a bit.
        * Fix xlsx import/export of default column width.
        * Be less aggressive with automatic column widening.  [#621]


=========  (1.05K)

======== (17.3M)
  sha256sum: 73cf73049a22a1d828506275b2c9378ec37c5ff37b68bb1f2f494f0d6400823b

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