librsvg 2.52.2

About librsvg

Librsvg takes SVG documents and renders them into Cairo contexts. It
is used throughout GNOME to render things like scalable icons, in
image viewers to view SVGs easily, or to generate thumbnails for SVG
files. Other projects like Wikimedia and ImageMagick use librsvg for
their SVG rendering needs. Librsvg exports its API through GObject
Introspection, so bindings for other programming languages can be
created for it in an automated fashion.


Bugfixes and new features!

## New features

Thanks to Michael Howell, rsvg-convert now supports generating
multi-page PDFs in a sensible way.

With one SVG document per page, each page with the
SVG's natural size:

  rsvg-convert --format=pdf -o out.pdf a.svg b.svg c.svg

With all pages sized as portrait US Letter, and each SVG scaled to fit
so that there is a 1in margin around each page:

  rsvg-convert --format=pdf -o out.pdf \
    --page-width=8.5in --page-height=11in \
    --width=6.5in --height=8.5in --keep-aspect-ratio \
    --top=1in --left=1in \
    a.svg b.svg c.svg

Please see the man page for details.

- #738 - Support <a> elements inside <text>.  Also, support the CSS :link
  pseudo-class for matching against links. (Michael Howell)

- #649 - Support the CSS :lang() pseudo-class for matching against an
  element's xml:lang attribute. (Michael Howell)

- #790 - Support the mask-type property from SVG2.

## Fixes

- #800 - Don't panic when a shorthand property is set to
  inherit. (Michael Howell)

- #788 - Fix regression with the viewport size of interior <svg>
  elements. (Michael Howell)

- #731 - Allow length units to be case-insensitive, per SVG2. (Kolja Lampe)

## Documentation

- There is now a in the repository, where you can see all
  the elements, attributes, and properties that librsvg supports.  We
  will be adding detail to this gradually.

- For developers, there is now devel-docs/ with a
  tutorial on how to add support for new CSS properties.

======== (22.2M)
  sha256sum: 03d2887c18ffb906e1a60f97fe46a7169f69aa28d6db5d285748f3618b093427

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