gtk 4.2.1


Overview of Changes in 4.3.0

* GtkVideo:
 - Detect stream metadata when using gstreamer

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Fix a crash

* GtkButton:
 - Add back visual feedback for keynav activation

* GtkFontChooser:
 - Fix initial font selection

* Text widgets:
 - Support translucent selections

* GtkScrolledWindow:
 - Stop using scroll cursors

* GtkMenuButton:
 - Make focus-on-click work

* GtkToggleButton:
 - Make grouped buttons mutually exclusive

* GtkPasswordEntry:
 - Use MADV_DONTDUMP for secure memory

* GtkListBox:
 - Allow repeated selection extension for MULTIPLE

* Themes:
 - Fix resize border sizing
 - Fix solid-csd window decorations

* Input:
 - Revert some Compose sequence changes (mainly around dead
   acute and apostrophe)
 - Consume all key events during preedit, to avoid unexpected
 - Ignore more modifiers during preedit, to allow using 3rd and
   5th level choosers
 - Fix handling of cursor positions in non-ASCII preedit text
 - Fix a problem with deferred focus setting

* GdkClipboard:
 - Ensure strings are nul-terminated

* GSK:
 - Improvements to the ngl renderer
   - Fix offscreen rendering with transforms
   - Fix downscaled textures
   - Avoid huge intermediate textures
 - Make shadow rendering match across renderers

* Accessibility:
 - Various fixes to get Orca to speak (still a work in progress)

* Wayland:
 - Improve font settings fallback
 - Avoid unintentional rendering freezes with popovers

* X11:
 - Don't beep on untrusted displays
 - Don't crash when popovers are outside the workarea

* Windows:
 - Fix using GL rendering with Mesa drivers

* Inspector:
 - Enable the inspector by default, in all cases
 - Improve monitor information

======== (24.6M)
  sha256sum: 023169775de43f0a1fde066fbc19d78545ea6a7562c1915abde9b8ae4a7309e6

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