libhandy 1.2.3


- HdySqueezer:
  - Fix a size allocation issue.
- HdyTabBar:
  - Fix a leak.
- HdyAvatar:
  - Fix getting the pixbuf from the avatar.
- HdyClamp:
  - Fix using "size" and not "width" in the documentation.
- HdyDeck and HdyLeaflet:
  - Null check a child before using it when looking for a swipeable one.
- Specify the translation domain in UI files.
- Remove some unused code.
- Translation updates:
  - Basque
  - Romanian

======== (480K)
  sha256sum: 92ec4a581ec1b41dd07a4e8faaf5d52ae37cabb7e1fa7f944d6cafbe596b6d61

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